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The need for push  bars arose when the experts observed that during emergency situations, occupants wouldn’t be able to go in search for keys to unlock the door, or wouldn’t be able to access the entrance door. This led to the installation of exit locks on emergency exit doors in various locations, and hence eliminated the need for door keys. Installation of push  bars  has become an imperative requirement as stated by law. 

How do push bars work?

Their function is to open when the bars are pressed with a mediocre degree of force. In usual cases, the push  bars comprise a horizontal spring-loaded mechanism that unlatches on the application of force. When caught up in an emergency, all you need to do is to press the bars for the door to open.  

Which push bars should you get?

Atlantic Heights FL Locksmith Store, Atlantic Heights, FL 786-353-4925No commercial premise is the same as another. The type of push bars depends upon the various factors pertaining to the commercial space. Some of the factors you need to take into consideration as follows:

  • Number of emergency exits present in the premise
  • Number of levels
  • Population of the building
  • Location of the exits
  • Safety codes followed
  • Budget requirements/bars

Apart from putting in your expert opinion to decide upon the right exit locks for your premise, you can consult with our security experts for free! Atlantic Heights FL Locksmith Store will suggest just the precise push  bar s for your commercial place in area!

Can push bars keep your door locked?

Push bars do their job of unlatching upon the application of force from inside the building in the most perfect manner, but they are extremely difficult to be opened from outside as they are designed to be lenient to the occupants and tough against the vandals. Also, in order to protect your commercial security in the finest manner, you can purchase other security products from Atlantic Heights FL Locksmith Store to ensure that no vandal enters into your premises through exit doors.

We can install new push bars 24/7

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